How to Move Files Between an Android Phone and an iPhone Using Xender

Many people are confused and don’t know how to transfer their data from an iPhone to an android phone or from an android phone to an iPhone. Many applications in the market can be used to do this task and we are with one of these wonderful applications. So do you realize you could use the Xender software to transfer files between your Android and iPhone? That is correct. It’s never been simpler or faster to transfer data across these two sorts of devices. This is made very simple with Xender.

There are few methods for copying and exchanging files between Android and iPhones apart from Xender. Uploading to cloud systems such as Dropbox, WhatsApp, Gmail, Google Drive, and the like, and then downloading on the other device is a common method used by individuals. However, the lack of internet access might be a hurdle factor.

For transferring files between an Android phone and an iPhone, simply follow the instructions in this guide to make Xender work for you.

Take a look at the complete process.

Using Xender for Transfer Files Android <> iPhone

  • Using Xender for Android to Transfer Files<> iPhone
  • To begin, download and open the Xender applications on both your iOS and Android phones.
  • Tap the file transfer button in the iPhone Xender app and select Send.
    download Xender
  • A new screen appears; press Connect Android? on this screen to open the device camera in-app.
    tap Connect Android on Xender
  • From the Android Xender app, tap Send to produce a QR code, then scan the QR code with the iPhone.
    Tap Send from the Android Xender app
  • Tap Join when you get permission from Xender to join your Wi-Fi network.
    You’d see a request that Xender wants to join your Wi-Fi Network, tap Join

This creates a connection between the two Apps. Please go ahead and choose all types of data – photographs, movies, documents, and so on – from either device and transmit to the other once the applications are linked.

While you can transfer Apps from Android to iPhones, the app (which will be a file) will very certainly not operate on the iPhone. This is, in contrast, to readily transferring and installing applications between Android phones.

Please let us know if you were successful and how much time it saved you?

The above method is easy and time-saving to transfer files between ios and android, as the iPhone has multiple restrictions in transferring files compared to android. Xender proved helpful in this regard. Traditional methods like google or dropbox are time-consuming as well as lengthy in file transfer procedures.

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