Unblock Extratorrent with Extratorrent proxy/mirrors in 2022

Many torrent sites are available to download torrents, but Extratorrent allows you to stay up-to-date with the newest movies, series, TV shows, and music releases. This application was created in 2006 and became immensely popular amongst those who prefer to download files, movies, and games via the P2P (peer-to-peer) file-sharing method. Since many torrent sites have been down in recent years, so now you can only access these sites using a proxy, VPN, or tor browser to access them.

Extratorrent proxy sites appear to address this problem, by allowing access to the original site through these unblock sites. These sites allow you to find the entertainment you prefer and allow you to enjoy yourself. As one of the most popular torrent sites on the internet, it has been able to make influence a lot of other websites which just basically come and go, but it is one of the most well-known torrent sites online.

ExtraTorrents provided a large variety of magnet and torrent links for different types of content. The torrent website featured a powerful search function that was an important feature. It was impossible to come up with anything that could not be found by typing it in Extratorrents’ search box.

How can Extratorrent proxy sites be accessed?

Accessing the Internet through Extratorrent proxy sites might be the best option for you. As the name implies, a proxy site is a website that serves as an intermediary between clients requesting services from other sites. Extratorrent can be accessed via a proxy server, which enables outsiders to see that you are connected to the server, although it is unknown whether the server transmits data from Extratorrent to you.
The terms Extratorrent proxy servers and Extratorrent mirrors are often confused.

It is pretty simple to define an Extratorrent mirror as a replicate of the original link that uses a new domain name and host code. As far as the Extratorrent proxy service is concerned, It is an unofficial portal for linking to Extratorrent and other sites.

How can Extratorrent proxy be unblocked?

Many workarounds make it possible to access a blocked torrent site despite it being blocked. It is impossible to block every site, and its proxies completely. There are three ways you can use if you want to access extra torrent proxy sites.

Torrent proxy and mirror sites for 2022

A web proxy server or mirror would be a reasonable alternative that can be used to browse restricted torrent pages. Below we have compiled a list of extratorrent proxy servers and mirrors.

In a similar vein, Extratorrent is another website that provides access to the latest game trailers, TV shows, music, and different apps both in apk and torrent formats, and because they are both free to access.

Having over a hundred sources, it is the most popular download website in terms of its ease of use and many sources. As a result, it has been banned from use in many countries and therefore can only be accessed through extratorrent proxies.

The platform can simply be used instead of using other websites, since it has been banned in many nations, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, due to copy infringement problems. The good news is that you don’t need to worry because the Extratorrent website can be unblocked after all.

Using Extratorrent Proxy Sites in 2022 to Unblock Extratorrent

With Extratorrents proxy and mirror sites, extratorrents.ch/, extratorrent2.net/, one can easily download movies from their favorite sites.


  • ch/extratorrent-proxy/
  • unbl0ck.online/
  • http://extratorrent.com
  • com/extratorrent-proxy/
  • 123unblock.info/
  • unblocked.tw/
  • mrunlock.win/
  • mrunlock.date/
  • io/extratorrent-proxy/
  • top/extratorrent-proxy/
  • ch/
  • com/extratorrent-proxy/
  • extratorrents-cc.com/
  • net/extratorrent-proxy/
  • info/extratorrent-proxy/

Recpectively mirrors :

  • ExtraTorrent proxy 1
  • ExtraTorrent proxy 2
  • ExtraTorrent proxy 3
  • ExtraTorrent proxy 4
  • ExtraTorrent proxy 5
  • ExtraTorrent proxy 6
  • ExtraTorrent proxy 7
  • ExtraTorrent proxy 9
  • ExtraTorrent proxy 10
  • ExtraTorrent proxy 11
  • ExtraTorrent proxy 12
  • ExtraTorrent proxy 13
  • ExtraTorrent proxy 14
  • ExtraTorrent proxy 15
  • ExtraTorrent proxy 16
  • ExtraTorrent proxy 17
  • ExtraTorrent proxy 18
  • ExtraTorrent proxy 19
  • ExtraTorrent proxy 20

Tor Browser

This is an additional resource for those who want to connect to the Internet safely. By using this tool, you can mask your IP address and protect your privacy. It allows easy and simple access to an extratorrent proxy in 2022, by providing an easy-to-open IP address


An introduction to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) VPNs is private networks that are based on a public network and that allow users to send and receive data as if they were directly attached to a private network through their computer. If you are connecting with Extratorrent by using a VPN service, you can completely conceal your operation from anyone but you and your VPN service provider of choice.

Having said that, this does not mean that you are completely free and able to do whatever you want with no consequences. Whenever someone has a good reputation it is always a good idea to spend a little extra money to get the best VPN service. This way you can access extratorrent proxy. The prices of budget VPN services tend to be very low. If this is not the case, the providers will have to cut corners.

Which countries are blocked from using Extratorrent?

There are several countries where ExtraTorrent websites, as well as the extratorrent proxy servers, are blocked.

  • Russian Federation
  • Turkey
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • France
  • Italy

Describe the method by which Extratorrent Proxy works.

It is free to update, so the internet needs to be accessed by everyone. The problem with this is that you will undoubtedly access illegal and ethically invalid videos through the network. However, you will also access a lot of free stuff from other popular places such as extratorrent through the network for nothing.
As a result of the use of such rugged content and grown-up content found on extratorrent proxy sites, it turned out to be virtually impossible to accomplish this through the use of such grown-up content. It is not easy to do that because the options are limited. Among the most important ways to accomplish this is to control web intermediaries.

Here are the 40 best extratorrent alternatives that will work in 2022


YTS is one of the most famous alternative sites to ExtraTorrents, which offers a wide variety of the latest movies, series, TV shows, and music. Since then, the site has been running from numerous different domain names and currently runs off YTS.am.YIFY Torrents was created in 2010. The founder of this site is Yiftach Swery. A New Zealand native, he developed apps, and websites, and was an archery champion. This app has been banned by many ISPs in many countries. There are many Yify proxy services available on the Internet just like extratorrent proxy sites.

Although the United Kingdom authorities were not satisfied with YIFY’s YIFY Torrents Website, the brand was sufficiently fast enough to be granted a license for the launch of an official YIFY Torrents Website in August 2011. There was launched a backup website, yify-torrents.im, that took advantage of this prohibition and offered users a way to circumvent it.


In the search engines, Zooqal is a top-ranked alternative site to ExtraTorrents. In addition to offering high-speed quality to the user, this system is also extremely easy to use. It is capable of playing around 37,000 movies and 600 TV shows at the same time. With this application, the user can find the latest videos, series, TV shows, music, and games. In the short term, Zooqle has several loyal users, and it will also continue to grow at accelerating speeds in the future. Furthermore, Zooqle is a great destination that allows you to catch everything.

Even though you all love Zooqle, it is still the result of brilliant internet piracy laws and copyright laws that are preventing you from using it. Zooqle has already been blocked by many Internet Service Providers. Because of this, Zooqle isn’t available for some users at present. Nevertheless, if you are one of those people, you are in the right place.


I would like to point out that if you are looking for an excellent torrent website, then you have come to the right place because EZTV is the largest and the best alternative site for Extratorrent. EZTV Torrent is a place to download complete TV shows and animes for free. Due to some security and privacy concerns in recent years, EZTV has lost some of its reliability. In addition, the platform has also been successful for years in adding new features, filters, better floods, etc. You should be aware that the site itself provides users with a warning to employ a VPN before they use the service.

Does EZTV appear to be blocked in your area, and if so, do you have another method of unblocking EZTV? While it is difficult to get EZTV when it is blocked, there are numerous alternatives available. Yet, EZTV Proxy & Mirror sites are most likely the best and most likely methods for downloading EZTV programs. Unfortunately, spotting the working video proxy and mirror sites for EZTV is not an easy task.


It is the best alternative website to ExtraTorrents as it is a massive hub of the latest movies, and it uses the BitTorrent protocol to facilitate peer-to-peer file sharing through its torrent file directory. When you visit 1337x, you are likely to find the latest movies and many other entertainment items like music, TV shows, games, etc., so you are going to want to check out 1337x torrent sites. At least once, the website has changed the domain name to avoid being banned by Google; at present, it is using the. to the domain as its leading site but is also using the.se domain when that site is not able to be accessed.


RARBG is an alternative site to ExtraTorrent which is a well-known site for downloading torrent files. You can download all the newest movies and games on RARBG. The service offers the capability of downloading films, TV shows, music, and games to your computer through the internet. This service has been operating since the year 2010. Some countries, such as the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and Australia, block access to this site. You can bypass these restrictions by using a VPN, which will allow you to open and access the content carefully, while at the same time remembering that we do not excuse piracy. The RARBG proxy is the website that you should use if you feel the need to watch the latest movies online. This is because the original site is not working and you intend to use the proxy to access those movies.

The Pirate Bay

There is no better alternative to ExtraTorrents than The Pirate Bay, which was launched in 2003 in Sweden. The user of the Pirate Bay can quickly download the latest movies, music, TV shows, games, and software. It was at this time that I was conferring with digitalmusicnews.com, the Pirates Bay, which is one of the most renowned P2P websites out there. It is estimated that over 300 million users actively used the site in 2017. The site is among the most visited by people across the globe.

Pirate Bay operates out of Seychelles and is a non-profit organization that was founded by Swedish activists who opposed copyright violations in 2003. There are a lot of torrenting sites out there, but I think that this is one of the sites that has stood the test of time and more importantly that has managed to stay within legal boundaries, which means that it cannot be held responsible for any copyright infringements that can be found on the site itself.


The latest movies and music can be found on the top-rated torrent site Torrentz, which is a potent tool for finding locations on the Internet. This is an alternative to extratorrent which is similar to Torrentz2.eu, but it also replaces Torrentz.eu. It used to be one of the best alternatives to extratorrent in the past.  There are many great and rough torrent meta-search engines out there that allow users to find torrents by connecting to dozens of torrent sites.

Many days after Torrentz.EU was launched, and Torrentz2 appeared on the internet. With over 75 torrent sites in their index, along with over 55 million torrents in total, this software has a variety of handling options. Additional counting features such as the quality of the torrent (fake, password, virus) should be considered as well. A summary of the newest tested music, movies, and TV torrents can be found on this page as well.


Lime Torrent is a great alternative to ExtraTorrent, as it has the largest collection of torrents. LimeTorrent has a very simple and easy-to-use interface that makes it incredibly easy to get started. While new torrents may enjoy excellent download speeds and have a large number of seeders, older torrents are frequently left unattended and in poor condition.

You may want to consider it as a plan B alternative if your favorite torrenting site was just discontinued or has been inaccessible for some time. Users of this free service will be able to download series, TV shows, movies, and music without any hassle, although it has a couple of minor flaws. Despite this, the fact remains that it has an advantage over all the portals listed above, which is its outstanding user experience, which is provided by its well-structured and clear-cut design.


The TorrentGalaxy is a new torrent site, but its working style makes it a good alternative to Extratorrents. Even though the site is only a few months old, its operatives seem to have ambitions of their own. This is the site that was created by former members and staff members of the now-invalid ExtraTorrent, which means that they’re hardly newcomers to downloading torrents. Although torrents alone no longer seem to be cutting it anymore, they’ve begun expanding their site to stream movies, hoping to bridge the gap between torrents and streaming videos-an issue of concern to Hollywood.


This torrent offers a better user interface. By using the menu, you will be able to browse through TV shows, videos, cards, animes, songs, and books, to find your favorite material. The platform is relatively simple to use, as well.
We should keep in mind that there are not a lot of cultures featured on this website. The support staff is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the service. You may compare the program to ExtraTorrent.
There is no doubt that you will be able to stream multiple films online when you use this torrent website as its name indicates.


13377x started as a successor to the 1337x website which started as a torrent site as well. 13377x is a commonly accepted design and associated features for providing high-quality video downloads. As an alternative to extratorrent, it can be used to download video files.
Some mirror pages are included with the text in black and brown which helps the parent’s website to be more user-friendly. You should test this one out and see how it looks.

Fast Torrent

Fast Torrent is different from other BitTorrent websites in that it has a very distinct feel to it. It has a magnet link format that is different from other BitTorrent websites. Magnetic links are then included in all torrents on the site regardless of how they are categorized.

This website is easy to use, neat and can be used quickly and quickly. Furthermore, a new, slim design with tiles of popular TV shows has been launched recently, on top of which moreover a search bar has been added.

It is worth mentioning that the website contains an immense collection of magnetic ties encompassing all kinds of styles. This is something that allows The Fast Torrent to stand out as an alternative to ExtraTorrent considerably.

Sumo Torrent

Sumo Torrent is the recently released platform that has a new torrenting experience that is aimed at today’s users. There are many reasons why this is a great replacement for extratorrent, including its elegant architecture and fast GUI. On the right side, you will find a segment that tells you what the hottest features are. In addition, there is a section for trends that displays the most popular content and a link that will lead the reader to the most appropriate webpage.


It is now obvious that Monova is the number one torrent platform concerning new torrent archives, and arguably the strongest competitor of ExtraTorrent. But in terms of popularity, Monova is the leading torrent platform. Whenever you want to get anything, you can look up a category and pick and choose your favorite material from that category. The Monova was already taken offline by the Legion, but like the Phoenix, it always goes back up after being down for a few months. You can still use the Monova as a torrent tracker and figure out what the top 100 torrents download are, as well as keep up with the trends. It features everything from the film to the sports.


Demonoid is a website with a wide range of video content that you can watch online. It is another website that offers torrents. Specifically, it offers films. It also specializes in HD-based downloads. This is by far the best alternative to extratorrent

As compared to other torrent sites, the files accessible on this platform are typically smaller. This may seem challenging to other viewers if they do not wish to access all episodes of a single series in a single archive, but it may also suggest that those who wish to retain data are extremely helpful. When it comes to streaming one TV show or video, Demonoid is the place to go right now. In addition to being easy to use, the official website has recently been redesigned.


Website access has been restricted in several countries, including Australia, the UK, and others. Kickass Torrent is one of the most popular portals on the Internet. Through the usage of a VPN, however, you can circumvent geo-blocks anywhere and remain safe while using extratorrent.

You can easily find all your favorite series, films, and other material on the website quickly and intuitively. Furthermore, if you fail to locate what you are looking for, you will receive feedback from over 165,000 users.


IsoHunt offers the best solution to find ExtraTorrent files. Isohunt gained prominence when Kickasstorrent was first released. The Isohunt torrent page is one of the most frequented torrent pages, so Isohunt frequently informs its consumers of the latest security patches affecting peer-to-peer networks. Isohunt has not yet decided to develop an Extratorrent Mirror Platform, but you can request one before the latest Extratorrent App becomes available. As ETTV and ETHD are linked to Extratorrent, we can expect to see them released on the ISOHunt platform in the future.


In our opinion, this website is one of the best options because it is the only one that offers both an Android device and a Chrome add-on on top of the web. Launched in 2016, the torrent indexer indexes torrents from dozens of sites that have a worldwide audience. It can be accessed through several different proxy sites, like extratorrent proxy.


If you are a movie enthusiast, you can visit the Toorgle website. Since Toorgle offers the same selection of films as ExtraTorrent.

Typically, users of Toorgle are watching or uploading TV shows and movies. Furthermore, the platform only offers verified and authentic torrent files.

For this reason, Toorgle is a suitable alternative to extratorrent. The application is designed to share torrent files that are 100 percent authentic, and it is also a great alternative to ExtraTorrent.


The TorrentProject search engine offers a wide variety of torrent results. The information on this website was obtained from hundreds of sources including extratorrent websites. For TorrentProject, a basic GUI is provided. Within seconds, you will be scanning the home page for your favorite torrents.

Furthermore, it claims to regularly update its database with the latest torrent proxy websites, famous torrent indices, and niche pages, to offer the most relevant and real-time content to its users. The website does not provide any additional resources, such as a login page or a discussion forum.


There is no doubt that Torrentbit has a large film library, but its core purpose is to help deliver TV content more directly. On the homepage, you’ll find both a calendar showing all the upcoming release dates in addition to a countdown for big events in the upcoming weeks.

You’ll find that torrentbit has a large community of users who are all willing to lend a helping hand, even if they’re not interested in what you wanted. In addition, the FAQ section is very comprehensive. Furthermore, you can find a large number of torrents on extratorrent that will always be available for you to download.


You can download videos in 720p, 1080p, and 3D resolution from Torrentfunk. The company specializes in offering the latest films. Even better is the fact that they are in the smallest files, so you are assured that your download will be as quick as possible.

Torrentfunk wishes to make sure that its users have a positive experience in developing their culture while using the platform. When you scroll down the page, you will notice that an alert sign is prompting you to use a VPN while torrenting. There is even a chat page where you can ask questions and all of your queries can be addressed.


There are around twelve million torrents on this torrent search engine, which includes videos, apps, TV shows, tutorials, articles, and more. It is as simple as typing in your keyword, pressing enter, and hundreds of torrents will appear on your screen.

It is now possible to download the new stuff using the strongest extratorrent tools available on the market. I have assembled a list of some other torrent pages that I believe should be included in the list so as not to promote such websites in any way.

Torrent downloads

Would you like to find an alternative to ExtraTorrent that is well-designed and well-managed? We recommend visiting torrentdownloads.com if you’re interested in getting started. It works just like Extratorrent. Several improvements have been made in the past five years. The program does have a following of extratorrent users

The home page functions in a similar way to that of a search engine. Users can type the keywords they wish to explore or select one or more of the categories below the search field.


BTdigg is one of the best alternatives to extratorrent, so if you are trying to find some fake torrent connection and are looking for some alternatives to it, you can blindly trust this website.

With the platform, you have access to a huge database of checked torrents. BTdigg has a special obsession with ensuring that users will have links only to legitimate torrents. They take that so seriously that they tell their users what to expect when they find a false torrent when they use it.


This is one of the most efficient and secure search engines for torrent data. Torrentreactor is considered to be the industry’s leading search engine for torrent data. Nearly three dozen torrent providers have consistently received updates from this enormous network, which contains billions of torrent files.

Furthermore, Torrentreactor serves as a quick torrent file search engine in addition to being a free torrent provider. Aside from having its own independent torrent search engine, it sponsors hundreds of other major torrent sites. Individuals who would like to upload their own generated torrents may do so with other users as well.


Over time, Torrents.me has surpassed many other websites in the torrent space. It’s one of the most popular torrent sites and comparable to extratorrents.

Due to its graphical user interface and reliable download capabilities, torrents.me is one of the most popular websites. The torrents at Torrents.me contain the best video, music, and more.


One of the oldest torrent sites, Bitlove is a technology company that produces torrent software. As well as being one of the finest actors to ever play the role. The good news is that Bitlove has returned after a brief period of exile. Not only does it rank among the best alternatives to extratorrent as a robust torrent archive, but it also scores highly as a torrent platform that appears extremely clean.

Many Internet service providers have attempted to take down Bitlove, a tiny, yet critical, head-up program. This guarantees that you may not be able to access a particular website due to a restriction by your Internet service provider. However, the VPN should assist in unblocking the webpage.


From the Torernthounds video streaming website, you will be able to search and access videos in the highest quality and the tiniest file sizes imaginable, all free of charge. This website was built especially for movie lovers like extratorrent who like to stay updated on the latest movies and get them in HD format every day. There is a broad variety of HD content on this website, which is replaced each day with new content, for it to include the most up-to-date information. It is important to note that there are also other types of films, such as action, humor, combat, romance, and several more. In each of these genres, you have several types of choice.


Even though the website is not designed in an extremely smart way, it is one of the most kickass ones because of its clean nature and the amount of information it provides about every torrent it offers. In contrast to extratorrent, this platform allows users to sign up and enter its group, delivering notifications when torrents related news is published or by uploading their torrents. Users are also allowed to access the top ten torrents within each group.

Library Genesis

Searching for products and ebooks about a variety of subjects can be done using Library Genesis, which is a simple search engine. Sometimes the Library Genesis is referred to as the LibGen. It is free to access the Search Engine, which offers millions of eBooks as well as updates of new content every day that provides you with an extensive and comprehensive experience.



Not every torrent website is the same. According to what you are searching for, each of them has a list of tests that you can take. There are some subtle differences, however, between these various search engines. On the home screen of torrent search engines, a relatively regular interface is seen with a prominent search field at the top. As shocking as you will find this to be, it goes a level further and is just as extratorrent.

With Torrentseeker, you can easily sort the results of your search by using a convenient sorting system. The search results in different languages can be included, removed, and even sorted in different ways. In addition, you can test at some point if you want to see the most important files right away, or if you prefer the newest ones


Established in 2003, it has become one of the first flooded websites to provide streams for virtually every class, including music, TV shows, films, and other material for a variety of classes. It comes with a nice user-friendly GUI and magnet links for your favorite torrent searches are also available in this software.


Glodls is a very popular alternative to KickassTorrents, it is a common alternative to kickass torrents, and torrent fans will test it out right away. Glodls provides its users with more than three million checked torrents in a huge range of categories, such as sports, videos, TV shows, etc.


There are a lot of torrents added to the site in the category of movies, TV, software, games, anime, and books. You can download torrents, music, movies, games, software, tv shows, and other downloaders here. Here you can get a verified BitTorrent for free.


If you want a decent answer to a leader of MvCr., it was launched in 2008 and has now become one of the most important torrent sites on the internet. Currently, there are more than ten million torrents, which are updated regularly. Moreover, this is even an SDK that is not able to be sold by a MOVCR.


There is a place on Torrentcouch to find a public torrent directory with a lot of media content available for download. Torrentcouch might surprise you in many ways including its website structure and content, how each torrent is organized, and the way each torrent is explained in detail. If you are unable to use any extratorrent proxy, then TorrentCouch provides a pretty decent alternative.

LegitTorrent/ Welltorrent

LegitTorrent/ Welltorrent allows you to search free of charge for and download all your favorite movies for free. Though LegitTorrents’s platform is not always updated by your team, it remains one of the top kickass websites, and users are advised to consider checking it out if they want to view torrent files legally.


If you are looking for tv shows, movies, games, and other software to download, then Torrentking is the place for you. Torrentking has a lot to offer. Torrentking hosts thousands of torrents on its servers. It doesn’t require its users to register and they can simply download torrents through magnet links without needing to sign up.


Megapeer offers nearly all the torrents that you would expect to find on a torrent site. Whether you are looking for your favorite movies or your favorite games. With this application, you will be able to discover every famous quest and have access to every link that will let you download your favorite content like extratorrent. A typical torrent website interface makes it very easy to find and download anything you want as soon as you arrive at the site.


Magnetd time, despite not being a torrent platform in general, is a filtering service that gathers information from torrent websites based on P2P protocols. A specially designed and intuitive GUI allows you to download HD as well as SD standard films and television shows without any buffering or delays Magnetd allows access to blocked content in different countries. You can access the new videos by using excellent Kickass alternatives and fantastic streaming services.


Since Piratario has been around for many years, not until recently and it has become one of the best extratorrent alternatives. As a result of its quality and large database, it gradually expanded. Pirateeiro allows you to access a wide range of content even if Pirateiro isn’t running. An additional cool feature provided by LimeTorrents to its users is the health indicator of the current torrent transaction. It is possible to utilize this metric to determine whether the content you are downloading is worth spending time and bandwidth on.

Is Extratorret Illegal?

You might assume torrenting is illegal as many countries ban torrenting websites. Torrenting is legal on its own. Sowing, downloading, and extratorrent proxy services are all legal as long as they don’t contain copyrighted content.

So Why Use a VPN for ExtraTorrent Proxy?

Secure torrenting with a VPN, and you’ll get around torrenting bans, blocks, or ISP throttling. We can unblock torrent sites, protect you from malware, prevent throttling and protect your privacy. VPN is just for security.

Extratorrent VPN service provider


NordVPN provides the best virtual private network (VPN) service. Windows, macOS, and Linux desktop applications, Android and iOS mobile apps, and an Android TV app are available. Wireless routers, NASs, and other devices can be manually set up Unblocking websites is possible with a VPN. With extratorrent proxy, you can download TV shows, movies, games, and much more.


With ExpressVPN, you get unlimited access to video, music, social media, and more, from any location. Also, unblock torrent sites.


You can unblock websites, enjoy safe P2P torrenting, and get better deals online with Cyberghost.


What is extratorrent?

It’s a torrent download site. Launched in 2006, it has served millions of users.

Best extratorrent proxy?

We have shared the list of best and working extratorrent proxy sites in 2022.

Is extratorrent safe?

Yes, Extratorrent is safe.

Does extratorrent require a VPN?

Better to be safe than sorry. VPNs are recommended when torrenting.

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