What is a Graduation Cap and Gown Used For?

If you’re in high school or college, you’ve probably wondered, “What is a graduation cap and gown used for?” Here’s a quick guide to what these Penn State caps & gowns | Jostens are used for and how they were developed. We’ll also cover how they’ve changed over the years, their origins, materials, and traditions. And, of course, you’ll be able to see what graduates wear on graduation day – and why they’re wearing them in the first place!].


The characteristics of a graduation cap and gown are many. These garments were first used as ceremonial attire in the 12th and 13th centuries. The students and faculty often wore the hood, indicating their religious status. Graduation robes were generally unheated, so the hood was worn to maintain warmth. Many universities also have student overalls, which are worn instead of a cap.


The history of the cap and gown dates back to the Middle Ages when clergymen donned capes with hoods to protect their heads during cold weather. These hoods later evolved into university graduation gowns and retained the tassel of medieval times. Middle Ages graduates were distinguished by their clothing, either plain or ornate, and often wore furs. Some professors have even ordained priests, monks, or clerics. The hoods of these robes are no longer functional and are now worn only as a decorative pieces.


You can add personal touches to your graduation cap and gown with homemade decorations. You can use scrapbook paper and stickers to decorate the cap. You can also attach gold glitter paper strips around the collar. You can even add glitter to the cap. Finally, adding a graduation quote to the cap can be a great way to celebrate the accomplishment. 


The tradition of wearing a graduation cap and gown dates back to medieval universities. Today’s graduates often don their graduation regalia in the blazing heat, but this was considered an honor a few centuries ago. Today, graduation ceremonies are held in Latin, and the cap and gown are a popular way to show off one’s accomplishment. Unfortunately, while the tradition is popular today, men’s neckties are endangered, and the tradition is slowly dying.


There are several different styles of graduation cap and gown that you can wear on your big day. Choosing one that looks elegant and professional can make you look more sophisticated and well-dressed. Regardless of the occasion, you should have a great time attending your graduation ceremony. 


The colors of a graduation cap and gown can vary widely based on the field of study. For example, a drab cap and gown symbolize commerce, while an olive or peacock blue hood represents a degree in environmental studies or philosophy. The lining on the hood can also determine the colors of a graduation gown. The colors of a graduation hood may also be different if it was used during the colonial period.


The graduation gown can be found in master’s and bachelor’s styles. It also comes with an academic hood worn over the shoulders. The cap is also called a mortar board and is usually accompanied by an academic hood or trencher. The tassel must be flipped on the correct side before the ceremony. Wearing a graduation cap and gown is a unique and memorable experience; you should not miss it.

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