JoinPd: What is Pear Deck? How to Join JoinPd?

JoinPD: As technology progressed, it brought about several changes in human society. In addition, it made their lives easier. One of the most significant technological revolutions has occurred in the sphere of education.

This revolution plays an important role in education and many other sectors during the covid. Today, we will study “pear deck,” one of the several internet-based programs for online education. It is created in 2014 for educational purposes.

What is a Pear deck?

What is a Pear deck?

Pear deck is an education platform created by the pear deck educational technology firm for K-12 schools and their teachers. It was created in the United States in 2014. It is a presenting tool used for educational purposes.

This program allows instructors to create live presentations that include video, gifs, and audio. It motivates kids to learn. With a Google or Microsoft Office 365 account, you and your instructor can have an excellent learning experience. This online application bridges the gap between individual and group learning.

The research demonstrates that students learn more successfully and are more engaged when their studies are focused on images. Teachers may increase their students’ understanding by adding gifs, videos, music, and other media to presentations.

If you are teaching in a classroom with only one book and no access to the internet, your knowledge abilities will be limited since you cannot investigate new topics. With the pear deck, instructors may discover new information resources for their pupils. They can rapidly add videos, images, and articles while lecturing. This website offers several tools for educators to enhance their teaching abilities.

Features of Pear deck

features of joinpd

We are all aware that an educational platform, offers numerous advantages and benefits. Because the platform that offers consumers internet services must have essential characteristics. The internet service is superior to that of competitors. So, without further ado, let’s examine pear deck characteristics.

Let’s examine the joinpd’s Features.

  • The first question that may come to mind is whether or not it is free. Some aspect of the pear deck is gratis. Additionally, you may subscribe to the premium membership plan. It is free for students and instructors to participate in the live presentation.
  • The instructor creates the presentations and distributes the links through email to the students of the relevant class.
  • It also fosters a good attitude toward learning among pupils. Additionally, it cultivates social norms in the kids.
  • Students with a keen interest in this application may attain their objectives successfully.
  • The students may offer their responses pertaining to the presentation. One of the finest features of joinpd is that the teacher may prevent students from changing their submitted answers. This allows the teacher to analyze the students’ level of comprehension.

How can I establish a login account for a teacher on pear deck?

You must have a Google or Microsoft Office 365 account in order to join this remarkable platform. This section describes how to establish a new Pear Deck account.

  • Sign in with your Google or Microsoft account on the official webpage for pear deck, google, slides, or PowerPoint online (if you do not have an account firstly make this account)
  • Select the instructor login option and the kind of account you wish to access from the drop-down menu.
  • Now pear deck will request access to your Google Drive; you will grant the required authorization. Following that, you must answer several questions.
  • In the following step, you will need to provide the school’s name and zip code. If the name or code is not shown, enter the five-digit number associated with your school’s name or postal code.
  • Install the join PD now.

How to join joinpd?

How to join joinpd?

If you are a student and wish to join the pear deck, you do not need to go through the account creation procedure. To join the session, only a Microsoft 365 account is required. The joinpd process involves

  • The instructor begins the session by distributing the links to their group of pupils.
  • Students may easily join the connection by clicking the link in the email that contains it.
  • They may also join the session at by entering the code in the join code field.
  • A teacher can also restrict student access to joinpd through email; in this case, students must submit their email addresses prior to entering the session.


Pear deck is the most well-known online education platform in the United States. On this platform, students attend online classes/lectures and audio/video presentations. The pear deck is simple for instructors and students alike.

Because covid prevented students from attending class, they utilized pear deck as an online classroom to save time and study. I hope you and your friends find this post to be really useful. If you have any further inquiries concerning pears, feel free to leave a comment below.

FAQs regarding Joinpd

What are the free services offered by pear deck?

With the free account, you can submit queries. You may upload up to five presentations with a maximum of thirty session attendees.

How many days is the pear deck free to use?

The pear deck premium is free for the first sixty days.

What is the premium membership feature of the pear deck?

Teachers with a premium subscription may examine the dashboard and review prior students’ performances and sessions.

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