5 Ways to Send files from your PC to your Phone

Smartphones and pc are two things and without these two things, we are not able to do anything. The presence of these two is like living in two houses at the same time and desire to share the same cutlery and furniture and this is the problem between these two. It might be possible in actuality that your data is digital but without some hair pulling it would not be possible.

Files can be transferred from pc to phone without any difficulty

Everybody has his methods and style now it depends on you that how you transfer data from pc to phone. Some people used WIFI to transfer data from pc to phone you can also use it and many other methods like the use of the cloud etc. Nowadays, different new apps make the transfers of data very fast and simple.

The use of USB cables

Using USB Cables

As you all know about the USB. It would be an important point that almost all the phones are USB supported in every market in different parts of the world. For the transfers of files, the thing which is used is USB. Due to the speed of data transfer, this method is suitable. Data protocol can catch and notify the transmitter to retransmit only in case of errors in data transfer. Data can be transferred as far as the USB cable can reach hence it has a major limitation of distance.

Follow the steps below to use this method.

  • In case of using a USB cable attached the phone to the computer.
  • You cannot use a USB cable connection until you confirm on the phone.
  • Firstly Open Device name on the PC and then open the recipient folder.
  • The rule of transfer of files in where ever you want to transfer is the copy-paste.

The use of cloud

Using Cloud

You can save the data in the cloud instead of saving it on hard drives. The most common example of Google Drive is cloud storage as it recommends 15 GB place for online storage which is a good thing. If you have an internet connection then you can access your files anywhere in the world but as long as you have internet otherwise you can’t do it. Hence its major limitation is that if you don’t have internet then there will be no Google drive.

Follow the steps below to transfer files.

  • From pc on Google drive .com back up your data.
  • Google drive can be open on several devices like smartphones and tab etc.
  • Find the backs-ups and click on them.
  • To select the backup file then you have to find it.
  • Click on download.

The use of the email

Using Email

The use of Email is the fastest and easiest way to send data from pc to phone. It is very simple and easy to use. you can also arrange it as it is very simple. Your device can be affected by emails and spam because they are very sensitive to messages and may carry a virus hence it can be dangerous for your devices. So the solution for this is to use anti-spamming software. How to share files via email there are simple steps given below. If you cannot send a file as its email size is big then there is no worry at all because you can send a file from Google drive.

With the help of pc, you can log in to your email.

  • If you want to share the file attachment then you have to select it on your phone.
  • Open it from your phone and share it with your email.
  • The file will be downloaded at the last.

Using Bluetooth

If you want to use your Bluetooth to connect your mobile and laptop then both of your devices must be able to support it. The use of Bluetooth is very simple and it is the major advantage of it because it’s easy to find out configurations. This technology is free of cost and agrees to use on many devices. For a transfer of a single file, the usage of a battery is inconsiderable, but it takes up a lot of battery only in case Bluetooth is left on for a very long time.

Here are some guides on how to use Bluetooth for file transfer

  • Firstly on both devices turn on the Bluetooth.
  • Search on your pc for a phone device.
  • Combine the devices.
  • Share the selected file via Bluetooth.
  • From your phone receive the file.

The use of WIFI and File drop

By using a WIFI, users can send data from pc to phone. There is a high transfer rate in direct Wi-Fi, and can control big files and transfers, and is also a strong connection. Data transfer consumes large amounts of power hence this is the main limitation of this method. Whenever using this method follow some steps which are defined here.

  • On your Android device install the File drop app.
  • It is very necessary to download the companion software for your pc.
  • The device which you are trying to connect, the computer will ask a question about that.
  • Input any type of phone which you are using.
  • The device which is available under the options icon on the File drop app enters that device code.
  • The files in the pc can be shared in the associated software window.
  • If you transfer the file to the destination then you will receive a notification and the task would start if you accept it.

If you desire that your music is conveyed from your pc to your phone or you desire to watch a movie by using your phone as you travel but the problem is that it’s on the pc, you desire to try out these options. Let us know in the comments if there’s one we have missed out on.

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