5 best applications that can be used for making video calls from your laptop or computer

In our daily routine life, we watched many videos and pictures, what about a video if a picture is worth a thousand words?  If you are talking to someone on a phone call, you can only hear the voice of the other person but if you are on a video call with your best friend then you need a very good connection over the internet so that you can talk freely without any disruption.

Video calling is now the best connection for talking to someone watching him online over a super-fast internet connection and video calling is now the most popular in the whole world among internet users. An internet connection works as a bridge between both the users through which they are connected and can talk easily on a video call.

You can chat with your family and with your old friends on a video call.  It is also used for conference calling among people from different places, conducting some online interviews, it allows businessmen to discuss some important data between their staff over video calling.

We don’t need to travel for a face-to-face meeting these days, because video calling has given us the facility to be on video chat with our colleagues or a friend everywhere around the world. With video calling nowadays no need to travel for a long distance, meetings can be held online over video calling anywhere by using laptops or smartphones.

Using a laptop is better than a smartphone because it provides a wider display for video calling, you can use your laptop for theme tings, chatting with friends, discussing on some topics reading your studies, and video calling has made our life easier. We will tell you about 5 top software for video calling on laptops, which are mostly used by everyone and are easy to operate.


Skype - video calling app for computer

Skype is owned by Microsoft, which is the most common app for massaging and video calls anywhere around the world. It provides free calling over Skype to Skype, having a high picture quality while on video calling. It is very to use after opening the app, find that person you want to talk with and then click on a video call, you are then direct with that person on a video call.

You can use the Skype app on your mobile & laptop, you can make a call or receive a call on skype. It gives you a better platform to conduct meetings or to chat with friends on video calling. At the same time, 10 people can be on a video call with each other, while the rest of the participants can listen to the audio conversation.

Skype allows people to connect in a very simple way by just tapping on a video call.it is mostly used for business meetings, chatting with a friend, discussing assignments with their colleagues, most of your friends are might be using this app too.


For video calling, OoVoo is also the most used and popular social media with some different features and is easy to operate. It is mostly known for its high-resolution video quality, which has exceptional features. Due to its best video quality results, this app is also mostly used for online meetings by companies. It allows both features to receive or make a call to anyone, just type the name of that person you want to on a video call. The number of persons in a group chat is 12 at once in this app.

People can make a group chat and conduct their meetings on this app with high video quality features. It allows Instant messages and video messages to be sent among different people and to records the calls and upload them onto Vimeo, while after uploading it allows others to watch them together.

OoVoo can share documents or photos during video chats not only this it allow to send files with the speed of 25 MB each, it includes many privacy options while transferring the data in a live video chat. One of them is that it enables the user limits has the feature to block their availability as well to the certain users.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world for its quality video calling services. People all around the world use this application to video call their loved ones to stay connected. The application allows 10 users at a time to connect using a group video call. Google Hangouts is one of the most secure media for video chatting.

Many of us use this media for our meetings around the world. This app has a hangout dialer for making the chap calls over Wi-Fi with android devices. It does not work more efficiently on a cellular network, you must have a high-speed Wi-Fi connection to use this app for video chatting. There are some attractive features covered by this app like Hangout on Air services for live-streaming and for recording video media.

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Viber is also one of the best social media networks which allows making video calls or chatting with your friends or colleagues by adding them on this social media. You can simply type the names of your friends and add them first and then make chat with them quite easily. To start using the application, all you have to do is signup on application by using your phone number and then you are good to go.

After registering yourself, you can start a video chat with your friends by just adding their number from the contact list. In this media there is no limit to adding people, you can add unlimited members in a group chat. This is the most useful feature that unlimited members are added on this social media at one time to discuss something serious.


Everyone is known about Facebook, which is a worldwide social media network to be used by every person. It allows people to chat and video call as well. Any Facebook user can easily make video chats with their online friends. You just have to register your account first, and then add your friends, family members, and colleagues. Once they are getting added to your Facebook list simply make a group add the concerned persons in it and, you can chat with them all at once in the same group.

You can also just click on the camera icon for a video call to your friend if he is online and accepts your call at this media you both will be on a video call at the same time. It has its messenger app for all this chatting & video calling, once you download that you might be able to see the visibility of your active friends and then make a call to them around the world. It works both on a cellular network and on a Wi-Fi connection. Calls and chatting are free through this social media to the same media. It has also the facility to record audio messages, sending documents and photos to others.


Zoom Video Call

Zoom is also one of the best social media for video conferencing which includes 100 participants being in a call at the same time. It is very easy to use, that’s the reason it is world widely used on social media with its superior features, schools and companies quite offend use Zoom for their video conferencing calls and meeting, it has the best feature, attractive video quality results, and most importantly, not too much complicated to use for everyone.

It is mostly used in the Covid-19 period in the year 2019-2020 by many of the companies and schools for online training classes, business meetings. This media works at its best providing the best video calling facilities. It is available in paid subscription but also can be used as a free version.

If you want to use your laptop or computer for video chatting with your friends then what are you waiting for? We have discussed the 5 best video calling apps for a laptop or computer to make your selection easy. So if you haven’t yet made a selection about the software, look through the above details about the 5 best software for video calling. You can select any of these softwares according to your requirements. So stop waiting and download one of these softwares to start video chatting with your friends.

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