PDF Drive: 75 best Alternatives to PDFdrive in 2022

At the time PDF file is the best way to transfer documents either in large amounts quickly. A PDF search engine allows you to find your document and download it from your PDFdrive. PDF drive is a completely free-to-use online PDF search engine. Most people used PDF Drive right now to save their documents, articles, magazines, eBook and to share this data online at the time of use. On PDF drive over 75 million data is discovered, according to the site. Now a day most people used to store their documents images, novels, and articles in a PDF in their PDF drive to share them with someone quickly and efficiently online.

In PDF Drive you will discover different topics, a vast range of topics is there about business, Careers, Arts, Environment, health, lifestyle, fitness, Biography, and much more than this for you to read it out completely. In PDF drive you will find some interesting topics regarding your business, studies, article, etc. which increases your knowledge and helps you to discover something more.

You will discover something big and new with this variety of topics. You can search a specific topic in this drive, you will get a variety of those to learn and share, besides this if you just want to look around the other categories such as Editor’s Pick and Most Popular can help you locate anything. You can find your specific topic in the list and many of the other topics related to them or most visited topics.

PDF Drive has now become the most worldwide drive to be used online all over the world and it is quite simple and easy to use. You can just type the keywords in the search bar to find a specific topic you will find that and some other related topics by scrolling up and down you will get that topic quite easily, if you like that you can share it as well with others. Simply click on the topic which you are looking for and PDF Drive will present you with three options:

  • To preview the eBook on the site, a rudimentary pop-up viewing interface allows you to open it. You can also visit the site in preview mode and access the PDF file at the place where it was first published. You will have to simply click on the Go to distant file button.
  • Press the download button to save that file into your computer system. If you have a PDF reader installed in your system, it allows you to open the file quickly in that for viewing data in it.
  • You can also go to the other alternatives, such as converting the PDF file to XLS or PDF to EPUB and MOBI, sending it by email, sending it through Kindle, or reporting the file.

How to View Content on Pdfdrive.Com?

This platform is quite easy and simple to be used, and having just three key controls makes it extremely simple to operate when going around PDFDrive.com.

  • Preview As the button explains its functionality by its name, it allows its user to preview the file before downloading it. This button helps you to view the file before downloading it so, you can make the right decision by viewing the file to download it in your computer system or not.
  •  Download Before clicking on the “Download” button, you can preview your file first, it is necessary to view that file whether you or looking for that file or some other file. After reviewing the file if you are satisfied just click on the download button to save that file on your computer for later use. The file will be downloaded into your system in PDF format, you need PDF Reader for viewing it.
  • Vertical ellipsis (three vertical dots)  After previewing the file, you can also download the PDF file very easily. There are three vertical dots present with the PDF file, you can use these dots to download the PDF file by just clicking on these dots. This is the application’s “additional options” menu. You can also convert the PDF file to XLS or PDF to EPUB and MOBI, sending it by email, sending it through Kindle, or you can also report the file if you want.

These three buttons help you in downloading your file into your computer system and it’s really simple and easy to navigate.

Is PDFDRIVE.COM Completely Free? 

Nowadays, everyone loves to use free software or tool for their tasks. This free usage may be in the form of some basic trials or completely free of cost software like PDF search engine is one of them, which allows you to use it free unless you sign up for a premium account which is not compulsory to download any file from the site.

It allows you to check the reviews about your specific file, you can also see the number of users who have viewed or downloaded that file. It helps you before viewing that file, these reviews make your mind clear about that file, which is the most viewed and informative file to be downloaded.

You can also find how many times this file is downloaded by the users, it gives you a proper ratting regarding your specific file. You can also find an online PDF converter on the search engine that converts your file into a PDF format that can be easily saved into the PDFdrive and can be shared with other people at any time.

PDF Converter is the best online converter you will ever find, it is so simple to use and it can convert your file in the meantime you uploaded into it for conversion, very efficient and fast-performing in his action, it gives you the best result and it will combine your several files into a combined one PDF file, which easy for sharing or to viewed instead to open the file one by one. Adobe PDF can also be used to display the documents in an electronic form. This software is highly compatible with all platforms and Operating Systems.

About PDF Drive Free Account

PDF Drive Free Account

Peoples love to use a free account for downloading their content or some other data, thus My Drive provides you a free interface to download your specific content and save it to My Drive which is a free downloading app. But if you are using this site frequently you will find some other content you wish to download and for that, you need to upgrade to a premium account instead of a free account.

Using a free version in a routine life you may enhance your knowledge by reviewing and reading different contents, it provides a variety of options to you to be experienced in this entire free version. Just type the keywords in the search bar for the content you are looking for, it will show some results and by scrolling up and down you will get your content. Review it first before downloading it, you will see the number of users who have downloaded it which will help you to find the best content for you which most frequently downloaded. You can very easily recognize the content using this.

“My Drive” contains 100 MB of storage space as a free account, by this you can create a PDF drive directory on your own.

PDF Drive Premium Account

In a Premium Account, you can download any of the articles, files, documents, etc. All the categories are included in this. Some of the exclusive features are also available in this account for only premium clients. It is much more advanced than the free account. You can download any one of the files which are not available for download in a free account. A paid subscription costs $3.99 per month or $29.99 per year depending upon your usage with the following features.

Ad-free interface A website that does generate revenue to provide you with the services is a self-evident interface. Many of the free websites are working with different interfaces. In some, you will be using a free version or a trial version and in some, you have to register in a premium account for effective work. Cash is also being generated through different sites.

Faster download speeds Nowadays daily people are downloading some of their specific content on daily basis, and because of this large number of downloading the speed is equally dived for each of the files to being downloaded. In a free version, users will get a slower speed as compared to the user upgrade with a premium membership.

Unlimited My Drive storage PDF Drive offers 100 MB of storage space on its free account option. You may upload your documents in a PDF format into it for later use or to share with some in your time of need. You may convert your file first through an online pdf convertor to make one file of your documents or some other content and then simply upload it to My Drive. By uploading several contents, it might be full but in the premium membership, you will receive a cloud program with more storage space than the free one to upload your data as much as you can only in PDF format. So you don’t need to worry about a premium membership about the storage.

You will be offered a 7-day free trial version in both of the premium plans and to avoid being charged you may cancel your subscription.

You are very lucky if you love to read and you are an android user, by using the apps store you may download the PDF drive from there and start viewing, sharing downloading the specific content you liked more, you can browse many of the contents on it and the most you like, just click download button to save into your phone memory for later use.

PDF drive features and capabilities

  • PDF drive is free to use for you, for the rest of your life. We can save most of our time by downloading files with cover pictures.
  • The users can also advance filtering options like searching the PDF file by the page number, file size, publication date, and popularity.
  • We can also use the advanced filtering option to search our required PDF. We can enter multiple details of the PDF like, publisher name, publication date, page number, download size, and popularity to search and find the file more easily.
  • The users can find their desired PDF in milliseconds.
  • PDF drive gets updated with time and adds new collections and contents.
  • This drive saves and uses our previous search history to suggest to us the categories or expectations based on this available search history.

How to Download PDF Drive App?

We can explain the wonderful PDF search engine that has its access to several contents, as it is mentioned previously.

There are some simple procedures to download the pdf drive app free is as below:

  • First, go to m.apkpure.com and search for PDF Drive app free download, then click the first link that appears in front of you. This link will redirect you to new page where the user will be able to download the apk file.
  • In the middle of the page, go to the download button that is with the pdf drive icon and click on it.
  • after pressing the download button, You will be taken to another website and the download gets started.
  • Go to your downloads and navigate to the PDFdrive apk file.
  • Install the apk file and make well use of it.

Advantages of  PDF Drive

Advantages of  PDF Drive

The advantages of using the PDF Drive application are the following.

  • All the time you may carry millions of books effortlessly, you may drop or read from some of them and anytime you require an online connection, and keep them on track whenever you wish.
  • You can also access multiple other sources of information like journals, articles, and also current information.
  • In a matter of time, the user may search and obtain the correct book or any required data.
  • You also use this drive to read the file by just going to the online site of the drive.
  • One of the main features of this drive is that you can use this PDF Drive to lend books to anyone you want. All you need is an internet connection and then you can do it from anywhere.
  • The good thing about this PDF drive is that it offers free services.
  • While preparing or analyzing, no advertisements are displayed to the users for their convenience.

Is PDF Drive legal?

  • In the United States, the PDF Drive must have to follow the laws to stay in existence.
  • These sites explore and scrape so that they can make free PDF files available on their service.
  • In case of any inconvenience, they also remove the file on the owner’s demand.
  • Different countries have their laws and restrictions, so legal repercussions may differ according to the countries.
  • There are some implications of the online availability of these books such as people can make an unauthorized copy of the books and upload them to their website.
  • PDF drive detects and saves these duplicates until any legal complaint starts.
  • These legal actions or complaints affect those people the most who only share or distribute copyrighted material without any permission of the owner.
  • If the user downloads it for personal use then he will not be penalized.
  • The users can also locate and convert their desired PDF files into Word documents
  • The users can convert PDF or HTML files easily and quickly.
  • PDF drive is a good and time-saving tool for maintaining your favorite files and converting them into the necessary forms

Top 75 PDF Drive Alternatives:

PDF Drive Alternatives

  1. Bookboon
  2. Bookyards
  3. Free-eBooks.net
  4. Google
  5. Internet Archive
  6. ManyBooks
  7. com
  8. Open Culture
  9. Open Library
  10. Smashwords
  11. Europeana
  12. Read Print
  13. com
  14. Librivox
  15. Authorama
  16. Kupdf
  17. Page by Page Books
  18. Readanybook
  19. Idoc
  20. Academia
  21. Free Kindle eBooks
  22. SmallPDF
  23. com
  24. Freepdf-books.com
  25. org
  26. com
  27. com
  28. com
  29. com
  30. com
  31. in
  32. net
  33. pub
  34. free.fr
  35. com
  36. com
  37. com
  38. com
  39. e-booksdirectory.com
  40. com
  41. com
  42. com
  43. org
  44. net
  45. com
  46. de
  47. edu.jo
  48. net
  49. az
  50. Index-of.es
  51. com
  52. com
  53. com
  54. com
  55. com
  56. Pdf-archive.com
  57. net
  58. com
  59. com
  60. com
  61. com
  62. net
  63. com
  64. com
  65. de
  66. net
  67. tips
  68. ch
  69. The-eye.eu
  70. com
  71. com
  72. Index-of.co.uk
  73. net
  74. wordpress.com
  75. net

Is it safe to download free PDFs from internet libraries and search engines?  

The first question is whether downloading the free PDF books is legally correct or not? The answer should be regarding the internet libraries. While downloading the books from the website there you will find some pirated copies of books too. The majority of them are copyright but it will not affect us or it will not show some error while downloading.

While in a free downloading majority of them are copyrights. The majority of books on websites like PDFdrive, on the other hand, are pirated. While downloading the copyright versions the disclaimers frequently caution you not to download any books for free that you don’t have the right to download.

PDFdrive is one of the greatest collections of free PDF downloads. It is much more secure. We can save our files, documents, novels, articles, etc. it allows us to share this data as well with others quickly in no time. The only fear is that the pirated books or articles contain malware at any time, which is harmful to our data.  This freely shared stuff might contain some harmful virus that can be dangerous to our files.

The Internet Archive strives to keep their sites and content safe, while services are such as PDFdrive, Library Genesis where the majority of that content is stolen or maybe it is hacked by someone to make a copyright of it and it is a cybercriminal act. This free downloading interface contains this kind of harmful effect in the case of stolen data.

Trojan phony is there, almost in every file you try to download and it is a very dangerous program.  Pirated sites offer great information to their visitors to keep them coming back to watch or click the adverts.

Risk is always been there while downloading something online and when it’s free it contains the most dangerous software while downloading risk is always been there and eBook is one of them. These downloadable files can extremely harm your devices and lead to data loss or even hacking of your devices like your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

So as a result, all the online available free of cost data comes with some very serious flaws like malware. Fortunately, sometimes even for free download books, and sometimes, there are locations where you may visit legally.

How to avoid getting a virus from a PDF Drive (or another eBook format):

  • Use an online library that has been pre-moderated and requires registration (like Scribd).
  • You will have to make sure that you entered the correct book title and author name otherwise, you may get under a trap of forgery.
  • It is safer to open doubtful files on online file explorers like cloud readers.
  • Disable third-party plugins and for an extra layer of security.
  • Also, disable JavaScript code executions so that in case of opening any file on your computer, the infected file unable to execute results in your safety.
  • Use an antivirus to scan the file before opening it.
  • Do not open any link that is available in the file.
  • In case of any virus attack on your computer, use antivirus to remove the malware from your device.

Why is pdfdrive.com Blocked?

pdfdrive.com has been blocked because of its offensive content.

Million PDF files are downloaded by different search engines on daily basis. It is free to use these engines to access any type of files and then download these files after the examination. You can also share these files with your contacts online. PDF files are now added to our database scouring by the internet, in which some are excellent and some are dangerous.

After hours of research and reviewing pdfdrive.com, in our opinion, PDFDrive.com has primarily positive content. The site also has a presence of nudity and sexual content on it. After knowing all the facts, it is concluded that pdfdrive.com must be blocked for the protection of online users.

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The official site of PDF Drive is secure to use but all the content on the site is not owned by the site itself. So if any virus or illegal data is present on the site, they are probably not aware of it and this minimizes the liability of this site. If you want to take a chance, then go for it. But you will have to keep one thing in your mind the files you’re looking at can be unlawful and these files can put you in danger.

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