How to freeze apps on android

It’s one thing to get an app on your phone or tablet and install it. It’s another thing completely to buy a new phone only to realize that it comes with pre-installed apps that you can’t delete. Do you have any pre-installed applications on your Android phone that you can’t remove? Freezing an app is a way to turn it off without uninstalling it, which is very beneficial for bloatware.

If you want to disable or remove pre-installed apps, then you have to root your device first. Rooting is the process of granting users of Android devices limited authority over several subsystems, also known as root access.

For security concerns, phone makers and mobile network providers implement software limitations. Rooting your Android phone is one way to get out of these limitations, but it is not recommended. Especially if you don’t have an Android antivirus app to protect you against mobile viruses.

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With rooting what you can do :           

  • Almost every theme or graphic may be completely customized.
  • Downloading any application, regardless of which app store it is accessible in,
  • can result in increased battery life and greater performance.
  • You may update to the newest version of Android if your smartphone is old and the company no longer updates it.

To root your smartphone, you can utilize the mobile software KingoRoot.There are a variety of applications that may be used to freeze apps on the Google Play Store. Only a few examples are Quarantine, Greenify, and Brevent. Some smartphones, like  Infinix and Tecno, have a pre-installed “Freezer”, which you could use to freeze apps by dragging them to the freezer folder.

I’ll guide you through how to use App Quarantine since it’s quick and simple. From the play store, it can easily be downloaded.

  • Go to the App Quarantine screen.
  • After selecting an app clicking the lock symbol in the top right corner will be disabled the app.
    Open the App Quarantine

If you mistakenly frozen an app or want to unfreeze a specific app, follow the steps given.

  • Choose “Quarantine” from the App Quarantine Screen.
  • The Quarantine tab will display all of the frozen applications.
  • On the top right side of the app you want to unfreeze, click the unlock button.

By uninstalling the applications you don’t use, you may improve the performance and speed of your phone. You may also increase the quantity of file storage space available. Moreover, having fewer active applications on your smartphone saves a lot of battery life. The steps outlined above are a step-by-step guide to freeze bloatware on rooted Android phones.

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