How to sell your soul? Tips to keep your soul intact. Deal with the devil.

Is your selling technique is developing a sense of soul-selling?

No one is born with a spoon of gold. Everyone faces problems like someone pays the payment to raise the sales or you don’t have the money to do that for your site. But the point is, can’t it be you?

Putting fake smiles, pretending to be very friendly are the strategies to make successful deals but as a result, it makes your skin crawl. It doesn’t happen only with you, it feels like something wrong and feels like you are selling your soul to the devil and stepping into hell.

Definitely, everyone wants a successful business but not for the loss of his inner self or self-respect. Somehow or someway, you need to figure out that hoe to earn money by not selling your soul to the devil and not hurting your values. but the question is…….

Is that really possible to do?

The answer is:


It is possible and I think it is also necessary to earn ethically. If you think it is just a motivational excuse then it’s not. I earned thousands if not millions by just working on Fiverr by offering designing services and dealing with clients ethically and getting 5-star reviews on my profile.  I have experienced that what will work for a professional career and what will not.

After getting a lot of fake smile attitudes and you are my best buddy attitudes, you will get tired of their fakeness. The moment you will slip to showcase your fakeness, the investors will show their middle finger.

The question is, then what approach will be applicable to do this and not ruining yourself?

Here is a new approach that keeps your soul Intact.

Strategies from the past are not applicable for most of the businesses in the current date. These strategies are ineffective if you apply them today and they are morally repugnant as well. That’s why smart people are adopting new strategies for selling that keeps their soul intact. These are the strategies of genuinely helping people and less about frauding or manipulating the truth.

These strategies are more about

  • Less charm, more empathy
  • Less about making quick bucks, more about making trust
  • Less about manipulation, more about genuine help

Strategies for keeping your soul intact

By following these tips, you will not only keep on selling without even amending changes to yourself but also you can have a comfortable nap at night. So, there are these,

Focus on helping people and not sales only

You hate the idea of selling? That’s fine — good, even — because the most effective salespeople are the ones who aren’t focused on making the sale.


People always look for your loyalty and whether you care for them or not, no matter what your role is. You can be a filmmaker, a writer, a designer or they are watching you silently. If they find you out making more care about sales and not putting themselves in front then they will immediately distrust you.

What’s important is that you care for them and telling them trust will help to build a long-lasting relationship of trust.

Always remember, good salespeople, are those you always more focused on customers.

For first 20 minutes, Don’t mention your product

salespeoples people pride themselves on the “gift of gab.”

Salespeople always keep on talking about their product, making stories, and even developing lame joking and not even letting you talk or to object that finally makes you submit and eventually making a sale.

That’s the reason we avoid them. Sometimes we even lie that we are not here to make a sale, we are just browsing.

The right strategy is letting the buyer describe what they want and make themselves clear about their needs. Let them talk for the first 20 minutes and after that mention what you have for their needs.

This will result in trust that people will want to buy from you. The reason for that deal will be their belief that you listen and tried to understand their need.

That trust is the base for a successful purchase.

Make the claims that can be fulfilled

Those big claims and red highlights or overblown promises might make you feel off about the product itself.

It happens with m too.

Marketers make flashy claims by using different sales techniques that actually make us distracted. This technique is only effective when selling to extremely sophisticated people, but for most things, there are better options.

Instead of making people force for buying or making flashy claims that can feel fake, make good and string contact with the buyer. Give them trials of the product and let the product speak for itself.

By experiencing the real thing, they will want more and it will make the purchase easy.

After-sale services

Suppose, you bought a camera and don’t know how to use it, having trouble figuring the right way to use it. You ask for help from that store and they say “Our job is to sell the items, Sami. We are not trainers, If you can’t figure out how to use, Hire a trainer.”

So rude, right?

The right way is to train the user about your product and help them figure out the right way t use it. You can also hire a writer to write a simple ebook for your product that will be self-explanatory and will make it easy for the user to use the product.

This will result in happy customers and eventually, your sales will shoot up. 

Conclusion: Do you have to sell your soul for evil?

It can or cannot be.

If you are helping your customers genuinely, Listening to them, Teaching them to figure out the solutions for their problems, giving them after-sale services that they are loving then here is good news for you,

You are on the right track that can lead you so far on the path of success that can be achieved by having your soul intact.

You are not only making your life better but also you are getting paid for it and also helping to earn buyers’ trust and satisfaction. the truth is,

the world needs people like you out there selling, or the whole engine of progress comes screeching to a halt.

Help People and sleep with satisfaction because your soul is intact with you and not sold with evil.

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