What are the five biggest technology trends for 2021 to rule?

Technology is the application of scientific technology and it’s changing the world quite drastically. It helped mankind and economies to rise. In past, there were many trends that have been followed and took the gas to rule the world. Then COVID-19 came, which accelerated this process of innovation. This pandemic innovated a new definition for innovation and digital trends. Our perspective of productivity changed and more or less it made us dependent on technology only.

Businesses are focusing on developing new methods and processes to tackle unwanted and unpredictable situations. They are looking to be more competitive that will led us to surprises in innovation and disruption. So here are some of the biggest technology trends that can rule the world in 2021.

1. Artificial Intelligence

There is no reason and no way that a human mind can keep up with an artificial intelligence machine by 2035.

The first trend that has been accelerated for 2021 is artificial intelligence and big data. We now live in a world we need to make more real-time decisions. Companies realize that even if they had lots of data, the data they had pre-pandemic is no longer relevant. Things are changing so fast. So companies are now looking at streaming analytics, analyzing real-time data, predicting only based on the last 90 days instead of the last 10 years. This is this has changed our world and it is bringing in capabilities from artificial intelligence as well.

So we cannot automate lots of our data analysis. Companies are offering automated data warehouses that can look for trends themselves. They can highlight things that are happening. So I’m seeing this in retail where big retailers are learning from their systems by themselves, saying where the systems will tell them these trends and cookies are going up, alcohol sales are going up, things are going down here. And you can react to this in real-time. It also helps companies to now address the economic reality of recessions where they want to streamline business processes.
Artificial intelligence is the most powerful technology humankind has ever had access to. And what I can nowadays do is it can read for us. It can speak, it can write, it can see analyze things in terms of videos and photographs it can hear. And all of this is completely transforming organizations and is helping them to reimagine and streamline their business processes.

2. Robotics

There are an endless number of things to discover about robotics. A lot of it is just too fantastic for people to believe.

The second technology trend for 2021 is a robotics vehicle, automation, and drones. What many companies are now realizing is that there has been a vast economic cost to the pandemic and the world economies are shrinking, so we’re not facing a recession and organizations need to really think about how they can automate and streamline and improve their business operations and robots and automated vehicles and drones can help with all of this. Also, what we’ve learned during the pandemic is that companies wanted to take people out of unnecessary, necessary steps in their business processes or along their supply chains.
So companies like Amazon are doing this very effectively where they’re trying to automate as many of their warehouses as possible. But they’re also taking this across and along their supply chain where they’re saying how can we potentially use drones to deliver parcels? When I live in Milton Keynes, we have already got robots that are delivering my grocery shopping to my door. Ford has developed robotic postmen that can actually deliver parcels even upstairs to people’s houses. There are lots of ways companies now reimagining their entire supply chain.
So companies like UPS are using self-driving trucks. Companies like Daimler are already running self-driving trucks. Companies like Rolls-Royce, together with Google, are building self cell floating ships that can autonomously steer the oceans.
So all our business processes are currently being automated and also they’re helping us with this pandemic. So in Singapore, the Boston Dynamics robotic dog called Spot is now used to look at how people adhere to social distancing in their parks. And the dog will use machine vision to detect how far people are past apart. If they find a cluster of large people, it will walk up to them and tell them that they are not allowed to do this. Or organizations like Heathrow Airport are now using sanitizing robots and operate all night long to sanitize the entire terminal for the next day of operations.
So this is a major trend.  this is one that has definitely been accelerated for twenty twenty-one.

3. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the third wave of the digital revolution.

The third trend is the NSA servers or the cloud computing revolution that we’re experiencing at the moment, what we’ve seen again during this pandemic is that our work process has changed. People are now working from home. People are now shopping completely differently. And all of this is enabled by this new cloud infrastructure. If you just think about Zoom, a video conference call was something that very few people did before the pandemic. Nowadays, everyone is completely used to this and Zoom saw a huge spike in their demand. But because they had the cloud infrastructure and the background, they could very easily scale their operations up to then deliver the demand that was required. So my first two tech trends, I talked about artificial intelligence and robots and automation of vehicles. All of this is now also available as a service so very similar to cloud computing. I can now go to companies like Microsoft or Google or Honda and say, can you give me a robot?
If you want a security robot or warehousing robot, you can simply rent those as a service. The company will come to you, program them for you, and then you simply a bit like an employee. You have them as long as you need them and then you give them back if you don’t need them anymore.

Artificial intelligence is also sometimes scary for companies. We can now rent A.I. as a service. So companies like again, Microsoft, Amazon, Google are offering all of these capabilities. So if you want to have a recommendation engine on your website that recommends products similar to what you experience on Amazon, Amazon now makes this available for you as a service using the same powerful algorithm they’re using themselves. So this for me is a massive trend that will carry on in twenty twenty-one.

4. 5G

The speed of technological developments that bring about countless new, smart opportunities enriching our life is unprecedented.

The fourth trend is faster networks and 5G. Basically, this is enabling all the previous trends I was talking about. So we need faster networks to be able to work from home. We need fast networks to access cloud computing. We need fast networks and connectivity to have robots and cars driving around in the open world. And 5G is a key enabler to all of this because 5G will basically mean that we will have powerful fast connectivity faster than the connectivity we have in our offices nowadays with fiber-optic lines will have those on the go.
So it means that robots or devices will have connectivity, the cloud, they can stream data, analyze data, and this is enabling everyone to access all the services I’ve just talked about, not even in their confined offices or home homes, but anywhere they go.

5. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the direction that I think is far more interesting and promising — for technology and, really, for humanity

The last trend being fast-tracked for twenty-one and one I cover in my book is extended reality. So how we use virtual and especially augmented reality to change our behaviors and how we change our business processes. Again, in my last try and I talked about 5G, 5G is enabling augmented reality and virtual reality anywhere. So at the moment, we are still confined to if we want to do virtual reality to Gobbler’s, we need to have strong Wi-Fi connections, fast Internet speeds, good computer processing available 5G and fast networks will mean we have this in a mobile environment.

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